AEROTRUCK® is a patent-pending product for highway going commercial vehicles that can improve fuel efficiency by upto 12%

The AEROTRUCK® kit consists of different parts that guide the flow of air around the vehicle to reduce the drag at speeds above 50 km/hr.


The aerodynamic shape of the parts has been optimised using CFD software by experienced aerospace engineers that ensures the best possible solution.

The ROOF FAIRING, CAB FAIRING, SIDEWINGS and BOAT-TAIL have been tested for durability for more than 10 lac kilometers on Indian roads, so our customers can rest assured of getting the promised return on investment

Cost Saving

You save almost INR 1/km by installing the aerokit on your vehicle. This ensures that you remain at the forefront of the market and able to provide the most competitive pricing to your clients.

In todays' branding focused age, you can differentiate your fleet by utilising the extra surface area for displaying your logo and slogan.

The premium look of trucks improves the perception in the eyes of the end customer.

The aerokit adds to be driving stability at high speeds making it easier for the driver to steer in challenging conditions across the country. Additionally, water-spray is reduced on wet roads that makes overtaking safer for all vehicles.

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