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Client stories of fuel saving using our AEROTRUCK® kit

E-commerce logistics

One of India's largest e-commerce unicorns bought 60 new trucks fitted with our custom aerokit, giving a 6% improvement in fuel consumption

Automotive logistics

A well-known name in the auto industry decided to buy 20 car carriers and trusted AEROTRUCK® to deliver the best aerodynamic design for their trucks

Parcel logistics

A global MNC in the parcel delivery business engaged us to build the most robust aerokit capable of handling speeds upto 80 km/hr


Aria Aerotech Pvt. Ltd. is hi-tech engineering firm focused on improving fuel efficiency of commercial vehicles using the power of aerodynamics. 

We are on a mission to make transport vehicles more sustainable and the transport business more profitable.


We use CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) to pinpoint the best way to minimize drag and achieve maximum fuel efficiency. We partner with large fleet owners and OEMs to provide a customised and comprehensive solution for our clients.

In the last 2.5 years, we have helped our clients.. 

to save 3,90,000 litres of diesel fuel
to reduce fuel costs by INR 2.73 Crore
to prevent 1,016 tons of CO2 emissions

And we are just getting started


"We were very happy with the service given by AEROTRUCK®. The product quality and design does not currently exists in the market. We are happy to use their products on all our vehicles to reduce drag and improve efficiency”

Mr.Jehaan Kotwal, CEO, JFK Transporters Pvt. Ltd.

"AEROTRUCK® roof fairing has given us proven fuel efficiency improvement and also improved the branding of our vehicles"

Mr.Achint Kaul, Commercial Director, Delhivery

"We have installed AEROTRUCK® on our entire fleet and we are extremely happy with the durability of the product"

Mr.Nitin Sharma, Business Head, SAMRX (Motherson Group Company)

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